Why Life Lifts

Why Life Lifts

Life lifts is the first company in the stairlifts market in Greece, which has started its activities with specialized professionals with full knowledge and experience of the market’s needs

We are always ready and willing to serve you as we:
  • We get informed and constantly follow global developments and new machinery of this market which can provide solutions to you and your loved ones.
  • Ensure that you get quality service certified with ISO 9001.
  • Provide you with integrated offers, after checking your space with our qualified engineers, with no charge
  • Have fully qualified technical personnel for the technical support of your lifts.
  • Represent manufacturing Houses which are members of the της European Platform & Stairlift Association
  • Provide you with solutions totally compatible with your private space and taste.
  • Are the only company in the stairlifts market in Greece which possesses specialized bachelor degree treatise based upon EN 81/40 standard.

Trust relationship

Through a long-term, mutual trust based relationship, we can provide you with the optimal solutions for your personal needs.
Life Lifts engineers, in cooperation with our suppliers, always provide you with an exceptional result


It is the company’s intention to provide the best in terms of quality and services. In order to accomplish these demands, Life Lifts is subjected to quality control establishment and certified for its reliability according to ISO 9001 standard.


Life Lifts personnel is always at your disposal and can inform you and answer all your queries regarding any kind of lifting equipment, stairlift or regular elevators. Contact us today with no cost and get to know, all abilities of the lifts whose can give solution to your place.

If desired, we can visit your place, cost free, to record your needs upon location and offer you the equipment that best suits your needs and demands.


"Beginning is more than half a job done"

The study for manufacturing your equipment is a very important procedure, during which, a thorough imprinting of your space dimensions and special features are made by the company’s engineers who possess absolute knowledge and longtime experience. The outcome of this study is a composition of space requirements, your specific needs and individual taste, so that the lift constructed for you will serves you in the best way possible.

Do not hesitate to communicate any thoughts or demands you have to our people in order to enjoy the best of the outcome.


The installation of the lifts is performed by the company’s qualified personnel with long time experience and training from our suppliers.
It's a simple process that does not exclude the functionality of the space in the application and is usually completed on the same day. At the same time it is an important task for us, since we believe that it is the affirmation of commitments and the quality of our work.


We consider our clients technical and after-sales support our highest priority. It is our most significant principle to ensure our personnel’s highest training and ability to check and maintain your equipment in order to achieve a long term and sincere cooperation.
Our suppliers, with their equipment’s reliability and our technician’s quality services, allow us to guarantee our equipment’s good performance for up to 10 years.

You can trust your lift in Life Lifts hands and enjoy the best service from the most qualified technicians.


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